Relax your body and soul at the same time. You can either bath in Turkish Bath, or relax laying on the central stone, or enjoy special massage treatments at Spa & Wellness center.

Spa Center: SPA (Sanitas Per Aquam); meaning health through water. This is the name given to water treatment since Romans. You will be surprised to see the relaxing and refreshing character of water.

Turkish Bath: You can either bath or relax on the central stone in the Turkish Bath that is completely designed by Ottoman architecture and covered with marble stone to make your holiday even more peaceful.

Sauna: You can use two saunas in Spa center to escape from the crowd and relieve the fatigue of the whole year.

Jacuzzi: There is Jacuzzi facility in an environment that is intermingled with nature that is fully panoramic shared with the indoor pool at Alba Royal Hotel.

Health & Wellness: Refresh your soul with the massage and aroma therapy treatments offered exclusively to you at Spa & Wellness center.

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