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Our Hotel

Named after the term “Alba” that means “sunrise, dawn” in Italian, Alba Hotels remind its guests of peace just like its name.    

     Having been opened in 2008 and founded on an area of 18.750 m2, the hotel will host a perfect vacation experience that you will spend with your family right on the coast. Featuring different room alternatives, the hotel is waiting for you with the variety of services.

            Alba Queen Hotel is located 65 km from Antalya city center, 55 km from Antalya airport, 8 km from the town Side and 13 km from the town Manavgat.

Alba Queen Hotel has been decorated by considering all family members and it is a compact facility with 324 rooms. All activity areas are located with an ease of access. In this respect, facility is structured in such a way that your children can spend time comfortably under your surveillance.